24 y/o Existential Millennial Seeking Deep, Stimulating Intellectual Discourse

February 12, 2018 bxhistorycom 5 Comments

I am seeking to the biggest, boldest, and brightest minds, deep thinkers, and creative intellectuals to organize under one banner: The Existential Millennial. This is a very humble beginning – so very very humble – but it is the start to something I think can be big, bold, and badass. Is that you? God, I hope so! Let me tell you, I’ve been searching for your ilk at the back libraries, at democratic AND republican election parties, and even that one place (you know that one place; you saw me, I didn’t forget) with all the dank hippies that smell like a nursing home. 

The task I am proposing is an ambitious one, I know it. I’m feeling somewhere in-between what New Testament Noah and modern-day (1989), Kevin Costner Noah must have felt, but my faith is strong —this post is the proof— and I believe that “if I build it; [they] will come.” It’s a one woman project today, but, hey, the foundation has been laid for a community of greats! You’re invited!

Submit to The Ex_Mill

B_History (I’m B!) is a site for intellectual types; not a blog. There are many places like it, but this one is special.
The Existential Millennial is a space to exchange insightful ideas, develop new perspectives, and draw parallels backed by evidence with the mission of generating a place for knowledge, contemplation, and thoughtful discussion; not opinionated monologue, bias expression, or fallacious arguments with cheap conclusions.

Idenity: The Existential Millennial is ANYONE—and this may seem counter intuitive—OF ANY AGE OR GENERATION who enjoys complex ideas, theories, and concepts ranging from astrophysics to art history and/or loves discussing thoughts, engaging in political discourse, discovering new perspectives, and seeking out/ crafting compelling arguments.
Format: essays, articles, editorials, and lectures
Topics: history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, law, policy, ethics, literature, culture, art, music, technology
Objective: submit intellectually compelling content that is rich in creativity, wit, objectivity, and authenticity, derived from mindful observations, critical analysis, sound contemplation, and thorough investigation that is cited by credible sources and presented in a format that is clear, concise, and intentional with attention to demonstrating the utility and duality of being a bomb ass 21st century intellectual – an Existential Millennial; Ex_Mill – capable of using his or her (seeking submissions from other Ex_Mill; this is meant to develop into a communal platform) powers for good!
Pillars: observe, investigate, inform, inquire, persuade, discuss, contemplate, design, deconstruct, improve, expand, explore, draw parallels, research, analyzes, and cite, cite, cite, cite, CITE!

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