Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.

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Change is a fickle beast. We all know the benefits to embracing change in the long term. We can see the massive shifts in social behavior over decades and centuries, especially with the advent of the Internet multiplying the change rate exponentially. But for all we know, we hide from the progress. We seem to think that large change will just happen by “someone else.”

Authored by Sean M., Editor of Through Dust Covered Glass

submitted to The Existential Millennial


Feed the fire, until it expires

There is a common thought that the Earth is ours. That this lush ball of life was designed for Humanity to thrive. Is it though? At every turn the Earth does whatever it wants, however it wants, with little regard for the life displaced along the way, Human or otherwise. The Earth is a massive ecosystem dependent on the collective contributions of countless lifeforms that can, and likely will, thrive without Human interaction. Where does the notion come from that this planet was designed for us? What have we done to deserve such a gift?

All your material things mean nothing when the bulbs burn out

As the dominate animal on the planet by a considerable margin, Humans have grown to be comfortable in their life lacking threat. We consume and consume and consume without regard for the source and the consequence it places on the environment we so desperately depend on. We behave as though these resources will be refilled by the benevolent forces that placed them here in the first place. We shape the surface to our wants and needs in a never-ending battle against its reclamation of territory and yet, the idea persists that the planet is ours.

All the oil and blood will seep back into the mud when the bulbs burn out

We leech and waste and for what? To what end? Is there a need to be satiated or are we ravenous animals no better than the pests we keep from our homes? We are guests here, not residents, and the longevity of our stay depends on our behavior. The sooner we realize the gravity of this distinction the sooner we will be able to be better stewards of our home. The place we call home loses nothing in shaking us from its face.

Will you see what you’ve done as it comes undone when the bulbs burn out?

Knowing this, how can we stay sedentary? How can we mill about taking advantage of the planet and exploiting our neighbors without making at least a small effort in the upkeep of the world around us? Strip away everything else and all we have is each other. Change, societal and environmental, occurs through repeated individual efforts of each person. Remove your subjective, indoctrinated filter and review the state of our world as it is. We have been steadily improving over the centuries, but it is not enough. We shouldn’t have to wait on revolution or desperation to motivate our action.

Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.

Our society is advanced enough to bring about this change. We have grown past the need for petty squabbles over land and myth that dominate our history. This change can and should start with our acknowledgement of perspective. Pause your assumptions and place yourself in the shoes of another person. Each one of us views the world through lenses shaped by our own unique experiences. Keeping this in mind, look to your neighbor and ask yourself, “What can I do?” Look to your community and your environmental footprint and ask the same. What can you do to make the world a better place? Even if you can’t initiate major change, you can keep your own intention and action good. Not great, not revolutionary. Good.

Remembering our uniqueness can offer more opportunity for growth and prosperity than isolation ever will and we are so close to embracing this. Humanity doesn’t have to hide behind borders and cultural isolation. We don’t have to hide behind the hate and racism of those before us. We don’t have to act with disregard for the lush ball of life we call home exploiting every resource for a larger profit. We are the change. We are the future. Every single one of us with breath in our lungs and light in our eyes. The future is not lost, but it’s survival will depend on our choices today.

Make yours.

Lyrics: Fit for an Autopsy. “When the Bulbs Burn Out.” The Great Collapse, eOne Music, 2017.

authored and submitted by

Sean, M.Editor of Through Dust Covered Glasses 

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