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This is the place to find those creative, informative, and random analytical articles that give you that “the more you know” feeling, because exploring ideas and sharing thoughts is what humanity is about! The Existential Millennial is a young project for intellectual types. Are you looking for friends to trade shower thoughts with? WELCOME HOME! (Hi, I’m B!) is seeking to the brightest and boldest minds, deep thinkers, and creatives to organize under one banner.

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There are many places like this, but this one is special!

The Existential Millennial is on a mission to make intellect the new black.

The Existential Millennial is a space for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who enjoys exchanging insightful ideas, developing new perspectives, or drawing parallels.

The Existential Millennial is NOT a space for opinionated monologue, bias expression, or fallacious arguments with cheap conclusions. You can keep those to Reddit and the comment section of Youtube.

Where else are you going to put those college essays and research papers you’ve been hoarding? Did you not spend hours writing and editing them? And for what? For one person to read? Hmmm, how about NO! The world needs them! You’ve got good thoughts, and B_History wants to protect them!

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Yeah, but what kind of submissions, though?

Submission that are compelling and rich in authenticity. If journalistic articles, they should be derived from mindful observations, thorough investigation, and critical in analysis. Depending on the type of content you’ve got in the oven, submissions that contain credible references or citation of credible sources. This can simply mean hyperlinks and/or visual aids (like pictures, videos, graphs, etc.) as long as its source is credited, and these can be in-text or a chill work cited section. Streams of consciousness are acceptable too, especially if they are deep contemplations of music, art, or philosophy, because in those pieces, you are the reference.

The only “requirement” of a submission is that it is written in a format that is clear, concise, and demonstrates your the utility as a bomb ass 21st century intellectual. That is paramount. What does this mean? To be short, the struggle real, especially for dyslexics like B. Yet, alas, the facts are still the same, good writing comes from practice. Earnest Hemingway the great writer that actually wasn’t that “great” at writing (but I digress; its debatable) is quoted as saying, “the only kind of writing is rewriting.” Thus, write to be read the same way you might speak to be understood – selectively.

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