Law, Policy, and Values


Law, Policy, and Values


The analytical articles, exploratory essays, and informative reports on this page have been submitted to The Existential Millennial and organized under this page’s heading for the qualities expanded upon below.

It takes the collective effort of a society to activate reform, but there must first be individual expression to jumpstart the civil discourse. Let’s spark that collective effort! Participate in your society, engage your community, and publish your perspective on The Existential Millennial!

  • Articles that suggest a relationship between law and society
  • Articles that broach the concept of society’s influence on government and policy 
  • Articles that broach the concept of government and policy’s influence on society  

Articles that inform, criticize, argue, or question: 

  • Domestic Policy 
  • Foreign Policy 
  • Economic Policy 
  • Criminal Justice

Articles that examine moral issues, make ethical argument, and/ or broach the social conflicts surrounding law and policy within society of the past or present on the controversial issues. 

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that some articles may overlap in qualities, but that is the nature of topics involving government, policy, and the interworking of society. The making of an observation is easy. It is in the analysis that the true complexities show face. The enormity of the political and social issues and concepts seemingly fuse together and become just impossible to even differentiate between. 

Below are some of (but not limited to) the compelling topics that will be featured on this page.

Affirmative Action | Alternative medicine | Assisted suicide | Atheism | Biofuels |Bitcoins | Capital punishment | Censorship | Civil rights | Climate change | Concealed weapons | Drug legalization | Fracking Freedom of speech | Immigration | Labor unions | Minimum wage | Nuclear energy | Offshore drilling | Outsourcing | Polygamy | Privacy | Racial profiling | Women’s rights | Zero tolerance policies | Lobbying / lobbyists | Mass incarceration | Minimum wage | Net neutrality | Political activism | Poverty gap | Prescription drug addiction | Puerto Rico | Racism in America | Refugee crisis | Russian hacking |Sexual harassment | Syrian civil war | Transgender rights | Travel ban | UK leaving EU (Brexit) | Vaccination |  White nationalism 

The Existential Millennial Project was inspired by the Law, Values, and Policy Minor offered by the University of Houston as an interdisciplinary program as aptly described below: 

Participation in modern society requires an interdisciplinary grasp of issues. Ordinary party politics, structural changes to either state or federal government, changes in society, alterations in law, or increased or decreased protections for racial, gender, or sexual orientation categories implicate issues of values, economics, and social interaction as well as law. Laws affect and change society. Changes in society drive changes in the law and policy. The minor in Law, Values, and Policy will provide students with an overview of the theories and analytical techniques of moral philosophy as well as the insights of economics, political science, history, and sociology on the desirability and consequences of different legal regimes, our current legal structures, and legal change.”

The section of this page is a homage to the “interdisciplinary” program as well as the professorship in the UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Studies for their dynamic approach to refining critical thinking, stimulating intellectual exploration, and igniting a passion for knowledge that not even the daily struggles of life cannot tame. 

“…Mothers Don’t Raise Their Sons to Be Murders Just As Much As They Don’t Raise Them To Be Murdered…”
A multi-layered examination of gun violence, mass shootings, mental health, and the psychological state of American society through an analysis of Jasmine Man's spoken word poem "I know you didn't mean to kill him."
An Execution Solution: Eye for an Eye (Literally)
"Should murderers convicted of first degree murder be executed in the same fashion as their victims?" Radical Response: Yes.
Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.
An artistically written summary of society's failure to behave as caretakers of the environment submitted by Sean M., Editor of Through Dust Covered Glass
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