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¶Rebecca Harris — Chief Editor of The Existential Millennial

contributions: “Radical Rants|| Execution Solutions: An Eye for an Eye (Literally)

Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp

“‘…Mothers Don’t Raise Their Sons to Be Murders Just As Much As They Don’t Raise Them To Be Murdered…‘”

1950s America: Picture Perfect Rebellion

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email: bxhistory.com@gmail.com

¶Sean, M. — Editor of Through Dust Covered Glasses

contributions:  “Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.

 read morewww.throughdustcoveredglass.com

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Are you an intellectual? A philosopher? A writer? Welcome home! Join this project – The Existential Millennial. A platform to encouraging the intellectual exchange (seeking submissions; read more) of thoughts, ideas, and concepts – history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, law and policy, art, literature, technology, etc.

The Existential Millennial is a space for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who enjoys exchanging insightful ideas, developing new perspectives, or drawing parallels.

Yeah, but what kind of submissions though?

Submission that are compelling and rich in authenticity. If journalistic articles, they should be derived from mindful observations, thorough investigation, and critical in analysis. Depending on the type of content you’ve got in the oven, submissions that contain credible references or citation of credible sources. This can simply mean hyperlinks and/or visual aids (like pictures, videos, graphs, etc.) as long as its source is credited, and these can be in-text or a chill work cited section. Streams of consciousness are acceptable too, especially if they are deep contemplations of music, art, or philosophy, because in those pieces, you are the reference.


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