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 Format: essays, articles, editorials, and lectures
⇒ Topics: history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, law, policy, ethics, economics, current events, literature, culture, art, music, technology
⇒ Objective: submit intellectually compelling content that is rich in creativity, wit, objectivity, and authenticity, derived from mindful observations, critical analysis, sound contemplation, and thorough investigation that is cited by credible sources and presented in a format that is clear, concise, and intentional with attention to demonstrating the utility and duality of being a bomb ass 21st century intellectual
⇒ Pillars: observe, investigate, inform, inquire, persuade, discuss, contemplate, design, deconstruct, improve, expand, explore, draw parallels, research, analyzes, and cite!

The Expectations 

Submissions that are compelling and rich in authenticity. If journalistic articles, they should be derived from mindful observations, thorough investigation, and critical in analysis. Depending on the type of content you’ve got in the oven, submissions that contain credible references or citation of credible sources. This can simply mean hyperlinks and/or visual aids (like pictures, videos, graphs, etc.) as long as its source is credited, and these can be in-text or a chill work cited section. Streams of consciousness are acceptable too, especially if they are deep contemplations of music, art, or philosophy, because in those pieces, you are the reference.

Earnest Hemingway is quoted as saying, “the only kind of writing is rewriting.” Thus, write to be read the same way you might speak to be understood – selectively.

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Each piece will undergo review for quality (spelling, grammar), capacity (compatibility with the Ex_Mill culture), and credibility. Any errors in quality, incompatibility in capacity, or followup on credibility found will be marked on a word document returned for your review and resubmission. You will be notified as soon as your work is published, and you will have total liberty to retract your work at anytime without reason. Thank you for your submission! Welcome to the community! Be sure to email The Ex_Mill your name, any social media, or any other means by which you can be honored as a contributor on the "Ex_Mill Intellectuals" page via the contact form in the menu or send a direct email to
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